Sunday, 9 November 2008

Diamond Prayer

Another couple of jewels that I have knocked up. It's a bit of tongue and cheek regarding religion...and that's all I have to say on the matter...

Diamond love

This is a ring that I am currently in the middle of making. I love it because it is tacky, it's blingy but it also has a nostalgic sentiment with the love heart sweets encased inside. It's a little bit of childhood memrobelia wrapped in a contemporary blingin' way!

Diamonds are Forever

Week Six: Diamonds Are Forever
This is going to be my week six image I think. I was going to do a massive pile of book that I didn't get through (in "READING WEEK") but that was depressing so I thought I'd add this one as I gained a small bit of relief making these diamonds. It was the first time in a long time that I had made something. They are tacky but awesome, all I hope is that with my work people can attach their own stories and make their own memories with my jewellery.

my kind of brand

Again, I am still struggling with the branding excersise that we are to take part in. I'm just not getting it. As with Emily I'm finding it hard to think out of the literal box and put branding as a type of personality check. Even more so I'm finding it difficult to think of a presentation that sums me up. I was hoping to use lyrics throughout my talk but I'm not sure how to go about that so any suggestions are welcome.
Meanwhile, I've been branded six times, all by different tattooists making their mark on my body.

What's in your jewellery box?

What's in your jewellery box is study that I'm hoping to look in to during my course. I want to encourage people to look into their jewellery box and tell me what things mean to them and what memories the pieces of jewellery hold. This is a picture of my jewellery box, most of it is filled with crap but most of it I can tell you a little story behind it. Little "memory triggers" held in a few special pieces.
What I want to do is to hand out a camera and a note book and just to go through a few pieces of their jewellery and see if they can remember a story that goes with it.
For instance...In my jewellery box is a ring with the very first stone that I set. I can remember the day that I did it even though it was over three years ago, I can remember Lisa sitting next me and we were both moaning at how awful we were at setting stones.
I want to challenge peoples memory and see if they can recall a little story to go along with their jewels.