Sunday, 5 October 2008

Tony Buzan Mind Mapping

This is Tony Buzan talking about mindmaps and how they can be used in any life situations.


I love to draw and sketch and I am constantly referring back to a sketch book but i've got sketchers block. I want to get stuck into another sketch book but I'm getting the impression that this course isn't driving me to the sketch book, instead it's driving me to the dictionary. It's frustrating, maybe I should just pick up my pencil and see what happens.....

Another one of our assignments was to read "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell. It is such an interesting book, it looked at how little things can make a big difference, a statement that I find reassuring. It is an easy read but it makes you look intently at all the little details in life that could change everything. I would recommend this to anyone as there are parts that you can reflect on yourself.


The new course in DOJ are joining in on a few of our lectures and it's really nice to have another group join us from time to time. Its good because we can get their perspective on things too. Last night I participated in an interview which the ethnographers are required to do for their course. It was all about space, the space that I like to work in. It was really interesting finding out things that I didn't really notice about myself. It seems that I can't work in a space/studio that is completly open and that I can't work unless the space is organised and clutter free. I like it to be in a clean, white, crisp space but I need homely comforts in order for me to relax into my space.
It was a good reflection of self.


Every Tuesday we have lectures from Prof. Tom Inns and last week we were given the assignment of relecting back over the years and taking note of the projects that we were involved in and stating their success rate. We had an exhibition of everyones assignments in the Mdes Studio and it was really good to gather some background information on everyone.