Sunday, 12 October 2008

Jayne Wallace

I have just come accross Jayne Wallace, and oh what a find. She is an inspiration and I just realised that I missed a lecture she gave earlier on this year because of my stupid job!! Hopefully i'm going to try and retrieve some information on it to try and make up for missing that great opportunity! Everything that she has researched so far is what I'm wanting to research, obviously with my own slant on it. But the way that she brought digital technology into jewellery is revoulutionary. Here is an example of her work. This is a piece that was inspired by a mother/ daughter relationship and the bond that they share. It is a piece that is worn by both and when one is touched it sends an subtle impulse to other, I guess to show that they are always there for each other. Just Brilliant is what I say!!!

Body Adornments

In my final year as an undergraduate my dissertation subject was all about body modifications. By doing this topic I was constantly being faced with things that shocked me and things that I found beautiful. A few days ago I came across this image and it's a development of body adornments. Here is jewellery that you can hang from your eye. I'd like to know what you think of this image and this design. I personally think it's beautiful, however beauty is in the eye of the beholder(no pun intended).