Sunday, 9 November 2008

What's in your jewellery box?

What's in your jewellery box is study that I'm hoping to look in to during my course. I want to encourage people to look into their jewellery box and tell me what things mean to them and what memories the pieces of jewellery hold. This is a picture of my jewellery box, most of it is filled with crap but most of it I can tell you a little story behind it. Little "memory triggers" held in a few special pieces.
What I want to do is to hand out a camera and a note book and just to go through a few pieces of their jewellery and see if they can remember a story that goes with it.
For instance...In my jewellery box is a ring with the very first stone that I set. I can remember the day that I did it even though it was over three years ago, I can remember Lisa sitting next me and we were both moaning at how awful we were at setting stones.
I want to challenge peoples memory and see if they can recall a little story to go along with their jewels.

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