Friday, 3 October 2008

Mind Mapping

So Tony Buzan has written many books on mind mapping and I'm trying to get hold of one so I can learn all about them as they are a fasinating way to enhance your memory. Here is an example of my mind maps but I'm not finding the way that I do them very useful so I want to learn better ways to make the information given to me "stick."

On Thursday I was inducted on the Laser. It was very exciting and I even did a few examples.

This is an example of one of them. It has geered me up for more and it's been a long time since a piece of equipment excited me.

My Profile

One of our first assignments on the masters course was to write up a profile about ourselves, something that people can refer to and to gather some background information about each other. It is really interseting reading about what people have done, interesting and intimidating, as some of the students have done so much. This was also demonstrated in the presentations that were given a week ago. Sitting listening to what everyone has done and finding out how established they are in thier field made me question why they needed this course. It made me realise that everyone is doing this course for many reason, reasons of which can be different from mine.


Every week we have been asked to submit a postcard image to sum up each week on the masters course. This is my first submission and it pretty much sums up how I was feeling, confused. I was left feeling a bit bombarded with information and I'm not sure how to process it. I have so many questions and queeries I don't know where to start.